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RNovations Internship Outreach (RIO)program

      RNovations Health proposes the institution of a formalized internship program. There is to be one internship in the month of March and one in each month throughout the summer break to run from June-August. The RNovations Internship Outreach (RIO) program is focused on providing meaningful community outreach experiences for college students that are seeking to volunteer with a nonprofit organization focused on community health, empowerment and sustainability.

      RIO allows students to provide much needed services to the community. These services may include assisting with youth programs, organizing community health fairs, participating in field surveys, etc. Students will find this experience rewarding while providing much needed services to the community.The RIO program is free of charge to college students willing to volunteer with RNovations Health. Students are responsible for funding their excursions and incidentals. Stay tuned!!

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