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RNO’s mission, simply put, is to improve health literacy and empower communities through outreach. Our mission, is to serve all members of the community and, through charitable giving, provide services to the indigent, uninsured and under-served members of the region by providing health education, health screenings, providing health resource information and supporting public health needs. RNO works with community partners to host local health fairs and public health education events to better the overall health and wellness of the population. In addition, RNO provides individual services as well as corporate assessments to increase organizational health and productivity.




RNO is building health literate communities through charitable works. Through ongoing stewardship, RNO will increase public health literacy regarding high impact and high prevalence chronic illnesses including but not limited to :

                                                 Heart Disease



                                                 Diabetes and complications

                                                 Hypertension and complications

                                                 Heart Failure

RNO promotes public health awareness and well-being as we aim to eliminate health illiteracy as a factor in health disparities for the under-served, minimize misuse and waste in healthcare and reduce hospital readmissions rates. RNO promotes positive community health outcomes while we facilitate efficient and appropriate utilization of healthcare resources. RNO also works with corporate clients in pursuit of this vision by providing assessments and interventions to maximize employee health and wellness. Individual health assessments and coaching services are also available in pursuit of the goal of a health literate population.


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