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This looks like the beginning of a beautiful Partnership. Doesn't it?

As a Partner of Health Literacy and community health improvement sponsor, you are a indicating that you want to make an impact on the community. You are committed to saving lives, families and improving community health. Partners in Health Literacy and Community Health Improvement is a premier level sponsorship that supports the annual operations of the RNovations Health. As partners, you/your organization will receive recognition for your contributions by way of logo placement on the RNO website, free admission to all members only events (5 members), speaker invitation to all events (1 speaker), recognition on all materials, advertisements and dissemination of all project results for the lifetime of the partnership. In addition, you will receive all the benefits afforded to the Associate - Champion levels. Lets be partners in improving public health!!

 Partner Sponsorship = $35,000.00/annually

*** All promotional materials must be reviewed by Rnovations Heatlh prior to inclusion***

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