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RNO is dedicated to providing services to the public, individuals and corporations via community events, public health fairs, individual services and corporate events. We pride ourselves on creating change on all levels of the health care spectrum. For services offered, please feel free to access the appropriate tab above. We appreciate your time, business and donations. Without you public health illiteracy and health illiteracy are insurmountable! With you, RNO can and will continue to provide services to the indigent, uninsured, underinsured, those with misconceptions about their health conditions and those in need of a little help with organizing their care. Remember..... PUBLIC HEALTH and HEALTH LITERACY MATTERS!!! Help us help you by "Expanding Your Knowledge about Your Health"!



From  the Founders

Kimberly D.Quarles, MSN RN, CEO & Tameka D. McDaniel, MSN RN CCRN, COO

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