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But I can't live without my favorite foods!

And no one's saying you have to! One common misconception about eating for diabetes is that one has to forget anything "good" or what more often that not ends up being favorite foods. So right away, people feel defeated and overwhelmed with the dietary changes that need to be made. The GREAT news, is that you don't have to totally give up those things you love in order to manage your diabetes well. You'll notice the word 'totally' is in italics- cant get anything past you ;) - and that's because you don't have to cut those dishes out completely, but they do need to be cut back. Significantly. The key is knowing how your favorite foods affect your blood sugar (and therefore your overall health), healthy ways to modify the recipes, planning for treats and MODERATION. It works much better to start with small cut backs until you get to where you want to be than to try to eliminate favorites from your diet. That's how you make changes that stick over time. So go ahead, and have some cake- just not the whole thing ;)

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