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How can I better control my sugars?

Three of the things that impact your blood sugar are: portion size, carb content, and physical activity. The larger your meal is, the higher your blood sugar climbs afterward- which also means the farther it will fall when it returns to your normal. OR if all of your meals are on the large side, your sugar will remain constantly high, and this places you at a higher risk for the complications of diabetes.

In addition to the size of your meal, the amount of carbohydrate, or carbs you take in, the higher your blood sugar will be. Carbohydrates are contained in starchy foods as well as fruits, that your body breaks down into sugar. High carb foods include (but are not limited to) breads, potatoes, pastas, candies, and sweet drinks. Whole grain foods are a healthier option than refined (processed or white flour/sugar) foods, and help maintain a steady blood sugar instead of the peak and crash caused by large meals and high carbs. Whole grains are also healthy for your heart. And of course, fruits are a better option than refined sweets. Do I really need to say anything about the sweet drinks? :) Oh, they taste SO good going down, but the price paid is pretty steep. So make sure you enjoy your sweet drinks, as with everything, in moderation.

Last but certainly not least of all, is physical activity. Exercise (I know, I know) has a direct impact on your blood sugar. Don't believe me? Try it. Do whatever you like that gets you moving- dancing, walking, jogging, or even chores around the house. Do whatever it is for at least 30 minutes (check with your doctor first to make sure you are able to tolerate an exercise program). When you're done, check your blood sugar. It should be lower than when you started, and thus, consistent movement will help keep hour blood sugar levels under control.

I hope this information has been useful and you can try to go by some of these general guidelines. Each day is a new chance to make that change- or make it again! The important thing is that we keep trying.

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