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These Toots(ies) Are Made For Walking

Foot care! Proper foot care is ESSENTIAL in diabetes management. Due to the effect of diabetes on the blood vessels and nerves, individuals with diabetes are at a much higher risk of undetected injury to the feet. Every year in the U.S., 73,000 people over 20 with diabetes undergo a non-traumatic amputation. A person suffering from decreased sensation in the feet (diabetic neuropathy), may injure themselves and not feel it. This means that the wound would not be cleaned and cared for properly, increasing the likelihood of infection and the possibility of an amputation. Listed below, you'll find some Dos and Don'ts of Diabetic Foot Care.


1. Do inspect your feet every day. If you can't see your feet well- use a mirror.

2. Do keep your feet moisturized

3. Do pat your feet dry instead of rubbing.

4. Do make sure that the area between your toes is dry. If you need to, use a hair dryer.

5. Do attend to your nails. If you manage your nails at home, make sure you cut them properly. If you can't trim your nails at home, have them done by a professional (let them know you're diabetic) or a doctor (Podiatrist)

6. Do wear well fitting, leather shoes with a low sole/heel. If not leather, some sort of material that will expand with your foot as the day goes on. Seamless socks may also be a good buy to decrease risk of irritation.


1. Don't walk about barefoot. Make sure to wear at least a pair of slippers with a hard sole. Undiscovered foot wounds can progress to a more serious health problem.

2. Don't wear tight or ill fitting shoes. Again- this could further impair blood flow and also cause sores and foot deformities.

3. Don't lotion between your toes. This traps moisture, and fungus grows in moist, dark places. Keep this area dry

4. DON'T NEGLECT YOUR FEET!!!! For more information on diabetic foot care, please visit

Remember- It's all fun and games until someone loses a toe... or a foot.... or a leg.... or their life. Something as small as a foot wound could lead to serious problems and even death. Take care out there!


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